Slim Seduction : Finally, Fit Into Those "Skinny Jeans"... - WANTED: Overweight Womaen for Extreme Body Makeover
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Thursday, April 16, 2009: Still Wondering what Slim Seduction is? GNS, one of the nation's most trusted supplement companies, is actually recruiting overweight women, age 18 to 64, for an "extreme weight loss makeover". And, as you can see below, participants have already lost hundreds of pounds of excess weight and unattractive body fat including belly fat and cellulite. Now it's your turn! If you qualify, you will receive a FREE 21-Day Trial of this high-speed, new diet pill months before it's available to the general public in stores. You will also receive FREE one-on-one weight loss coaching.

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"Despite the stress of having a job and a busy family to look after, I lost 35 pounds and 30 inches of unattractive fat. I feel like Slim Seduction made the biggest difference in getting rid of the cellulite on my hips and thighs." – Tina White **   "My self-confidence was at an all-time low. Then at age 40 I dropped 53 pounds and 47 inches while using Slim Seduction! The best part is I lost all the cellulite on my lower body. I finally feel proud of myself and I'm confident in my own skin!" – Gail Gosselin **
"I never thought that I could lose 52 pounds and 37 inches, but with Slim Seduction, I found success! The best part? Now at age 48, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I feel confident and attractive!" – Marcia Regan **   "I lost 30 lbs and 27 inches with Slim Seduction at the age of 64. I went from a size 16 to a size 6. I love my new body." – Marie Seibel **   "I lost a total of 49 pounds, 40.5 inches, and four dress sizes with the help of Slim Seduction." – Deb Wellard **   "I love Slim Seduction and came to rely upon it. It's like I found the fountain of youth and was able to turn the clock back 15 years or more!" – Melinda Pitman **
"Slim Seduction really helped curb my appetite, boost my energy, and gave me extreme craving control." – Jonni Isaac **   "Slim Seduction gave me boundless energy, curbed my appetite and certainly helped with cravings! I lost 22 pounds and 29 inches." – Carolyn Lyle **   “I tell everyone about this program and the challenge. I feel like I am healthy and have a brand new outlook on life. – Dana Anderson **   "I slashed 64 pounds of fat and cellulite with Slim Seduction and I love the compliments I've been getting now." – Rita Pilger **
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